Feed, Strengthen and Protect Your Skin

As we age, a natural phenomenon starts taking place with our skin becoming thinner, drier and less elastic, providing less protection than before. This gives birth to wrinkles, creases and lines. It is also known as a rhytide.  Wrinkle formation can be stated as a kind of fibrosis of the skin. Counting the lines in the mirror may disappoint you, so you should have a better understanding of wrinkle formation, namely the main causes of wrinkles . .

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• Age the most obvious cause is aging, and for good reason. With aging, the skin naturally gets more fragile and less elastic; causing the collagen and elastin that supports them to break down easily. A decrease in production of ceramides is a key component. The result is loose and saggy skin with more visible lines and crevices.

• Exposure to sunlight– ultraviolet radiation is a primary factor in the destruction of collagen and elastin that are responsible for keeping the skin flexible yet firm. As soon as the supporting tissues get weakened, the wrinkles start appearing and the skin sags. The very reason moisturizers and wrinkle creams have sunscreen.

• Free radicals– UV rays also damage the skin by bringing another item into play, free radicals. They are basically rogue oxygen molecules devoid of an electron. They damage collagen and other cells while looking for their other half. They are mostly influenced by sun exposure and smoking.

• Smoking– yes, it is an extremely bad habit. Yes, it plays a big role in causing wrinkles. Nicotine narrows down blood vessels, thus affecting blood supply along with oxygen supply to the skin. And it also damages collagen and elastin fibers.

Now the real question arises. . .

How do you prevent and reduce wrinkles?  We have all seen anti aging and wrinkle cream advertisements in magazines, newspapers etc. But do wrinkle creams, serums and supplements really work? The answer is yes. They feed, strengthen and protect your skin.

 4 Keys to Feed, Strengthen and Protect Your Skin

»  Take an oral phytoceramide supplement to restore healthy ceramide levels in your skin from the inside out

»  Fight the free radicals that attack your skin by using a topical Vitamin C Serum

»  Replenish the moisture in your skin and protect it from the sun’s UV Rays by using a moisturizer with sunscreen

»  Stop smoking

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